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The longest running and highly rated Amiga RPG series comes to a sunning conclusion! 2 years in the making with a brand new engine and the most sophisticated RPG system ever seen in the series

Reviews -

ZZAP Amiga - 90%

Amiga Addict - 84%

Retro Gamer - 85%


After the Infamous events at Base DS97 Brenn barely escaped with his life. The Horrors of the Black Dawn left behind him in the burnt crater of that desolate, haunted moon.

Or so he thought……

Slowly, the horrors infiltrated Brenn`s mind, through dreams twisting the thoughts, morals and his very soul. The Black Dawn lived on driving the once proud hero into the one thing he thought so hard to defeat.

Driven mad and paranoid, fearful of the demons he fought, Brenn built a fortress to protect himself and populated the fortress with robot protectors to keep the world, and the Demons at bay, The loneliness and Isolation got worse as the fortress expanded taking over the small moon that it was based upon wiping out the local population until only he remained. You have been hired to enact revenge for the relatives of the fallen.


Game Design & Code: Shaun Watters

Graphics: Tim Gilbert

Music: Mike Richmond

Box Illustration: Simon Phipps

Box & Manual Design: Darren Doyle

Production: Jamie Battison


Minimum Requirements

AGA Amiga’s

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorZ-Soft Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsAmiga, Dungeon Crawler, Retro
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now£5.00 GBP or more

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BDTM1.adf 880 kB
BDTM2.ADF 880 kB
BDTM3.ADF 880 kB
BlackDawn Technomage Manual.docx 206 kB


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Just wondering if there's is Map Editor with source bundled with game again as it was with predecessor?

I have a really great map editor that I must stick on as part of the package.......

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Important Message!!!! for all purchasers of the Boxed Copy who are having .....issues obtaining a digital copy from Bitmap Soft. If you login to the Bitmap Soft Website you can download it from there

Same over here. Bitmapsoft did not answer any of my - three - Emails regarding getting a digital copy as limited edition buyer. I asked after paying, during wait for delivery and after delivery. Same on Facebook no answer. I really don't know where the problem is giving limited edition owners a digital copy ..... Sorry to say that but this is annoying.

I think buyers of the limited edition should have had free access to the download, so they can bridge the wait for the box. In some cases we are talking about months of waiting time.


Hi if you contact Bitmap soft games they will provide you with a ditigal copy while we wait!

I wrote them a week ago. Not even a response from them. I think this is bad support.

drop me an email at timeslip1974@gmail.com and ill sort u out


I just bought the game again on itch.io, in the digital version.

Should not really be necessary, but it just took me too long.

there is no box edition for purchase?

Watch this place: Black Dawn Technomage (AGA Only) - (bitmapsoft.co.uk) - limited edition seems to be sold out, but the standard edition should come.

The collectors edition is sold out, however a standard edition will be out soon!

ok thanks

Works great on my V4! 

I may have found a bug, though. When you start the game with the mage class, you cannot get XP, unless you defeat the monsters in hand-to-hand combat. Is that how the game is supposed to work for the mage class? XP works perfectly with the fighter class.

For mages, you get XP for each spell thats cast or melee combat

Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately, I do not seem to get any XP when casting spells, I only get XP from melee combat. :( No biggie, I will play the game with another class! 

ill add it to the patch list!

You rock!

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hi, could you please share some details about how you got it working? on my V4SA it just shows the 'bitmapsoft' logo with some garbled music in the background and i have to reset.. : (

and i've tried turtle mode and even booting wthout startup-sequence.. no joy.

Dunno, mate, it worked right out of the box for me. I am using Coffin59.

Looks pretty cool. too bad I have no amiga aga yet

Works perfectly via Emulator!

Oh for sure, I believe you that. I will try it with a emulator, as soon I got my license. 

How in works on A1200, 4MB FastRAM?

Will work fine with that Config



TECHNOMAGE is absolutely cool name!