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Will you release an AGA 256 colors version too?


The sequel,black dawn rogue out soon is aga only


Saw the article in ZZAP! and had to buy a copy, having a blast so far. 

No issues running it on a MiST with the AGA FPGA core.

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I'm getting error "Unknown command echo" on the AmigaDOS prompt when booting off disk 1 on a Gotek floppy emulator.  Disk 0 starts booting but hangs at a black screen.

My Amiga 500 is an NTSC system, stock Kickstart 1.3 with 1Mb chip + 1.5Mb slow RAM.

Any suggestion on how to address these issues?  Does this game require a different Kickstart version?

Update: I figured out that I can manually launch the 'BD' executable from the AmigaDOS prompt after that error. It proceeds to load the main menu, I start a new game, it asks for Disk 2, proceeds to a loading splash screen, but after a good minute or so of activity the computer crashes into a Guru Meditation every time.  The memory address where it crashes seems random each time.

Update#2: The crashes were a problem with my memory configuration.  What remain are 1. booting from BDR0 hangs at a black screen, and 2. the BD executable has to manually launched when booting from BDR1.  Anyhow, I can enjoy the game now. :)

Update#3: The problems with the intro disk and startup error seems to have been on Kickstart 1.3 only. When booting my machine with Kickstart 3.1, both disk 0 and disk 1 launch without errors. You may want to consider adding full compatibility for Kickstart 1.3 users!

I have a question , is this game playable on a amiga 500 ?

on a basic a500 ? no

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If you have a superfat agnus and have installed 1MB of chip ram and some form of additional 512kb of ram, then yes.

So only some a500s could do this (late run) and only expanded.

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Hello there, elegant move to put your (fine) game on "name it your own price". Maybe you can add another mean of payment for those who don't want to use paypal.

Anyway, I think you left debug values display on the top left corner :

I guess these are chip and fast free ram values.

Is there a command line or an option to get rid of these ?

It happens with floppies or hard drive installed game (nice HD installation program by the way), I also tried to boot with disk 1.

Thanks again

I also noticed a small glitch. After using a computer, borders are not displayed anymore. Here is an example : 

Maybe you uploaded an unfinished version ?

Ok. A Last thing, but may be it's the way it's supposed to be, I'm not sure.

Whenever the lateral animations or the 3D options are enabled, they are only available when playing with keyboard. If you play with the mouse and icons, animations do not occur.

Hey Marskilla, I should get you to do testing of the new one :) - i`ll get all of them fixed this morning, i`ll drop a line on here when they done!

Wow, that's fast !

I feared you get my messages the wrong way, I'm glad yout happy with them.

If you want a perfect version, there is something else you could do to handle the keyboard input.

I guess you used the amos INKEY$ command to detect "W,A,S,D" input. Which is fine.

The drawback with this method for french users is that the keys are "Z,Q,S,D" with an AZERTY keyboard if they have the workbench loaded.

So they have to identify the problem by themselves and switch back preferences to american keyboard in order to play.

There are two things you can do (if you wish) with this problem : use the SCANCODE to indentifiy keys or allow to redefine keys, which is more complex to do (saving options...) but valuable for all players.

Anyway, this is more an evolution than a correction, please consider that as a "nice to have".

No problem for me with testing your new game, but as they say "be careful with what you wish, as you could have it" :)

I am actually using scancodes just not (for some reason) not on the WASD...... let me knock you up a version......