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Black Dawn: Rebirth brings the popular Amiga dungeon crawler RPG series into the 21st Century.

It is both the ideal entry point into the Black Dawn universe for a new generation of players, and an opportunity for fans of the series to continue their adventure. It has better graphics and sound than ever before, and includes more levels, more monsters and more puzzles than any other Black Dawn game. Are you ready for the challenge?

Star date: 2621
The TFS Sentinel is en route to Base DS97 to investigate a communications blackout.
Star system: Thalax Planet: Thalax 9
Ensign Bren is dispatched to investigate the base. Bren takes his scout ship into orbit around the planet, a routine mission. Planetfall is uneventful. From the outside, the base seems operational and undamaged, yet, something does not feel right. Bren dons his life support system and depressurises the cockpit. The canopy whirrs open, revealing a thin and clear atmosphere. The entrance yields to the ensign’s authorisation code. As he descends into the lower levels, a bad feeling creeps upon him.

Design & code: Shaun Watters Graphics: TenShu Music & Sound: Mike Richmond Introduction code: Colin Vella


  • 64 colours on screen
  • 7 dungeons (21 levels) to explore
  • 14 different weapons
  • 21 different types of enemies (3 per dungeon)
  • Amazing animated introduction using an entire floppy!
  • PAL / NTSC compatible
  • Hard drive installable
  • Requires at least 1.5Mb of ram (of which 1Mb must be chip ram)
  • 3D movement effects available for faster Amiga.
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorZ-Soft Games
Tags2D, Amiga, Dungeon Crawler, Retro


Buy Now£5.00 GBP or more

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Will you be making the black dawn collection available again any time soon I would like the set

i didnt know it wasnt! should be available now!

It popped up this time thanks.

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Hi, am having trouble installing the game after purchasing, keeps coming up with errors for getting the game via Itch.io - sorted out by finding download link through email linked to account here.

Playing the game with WinUAE I found many crashes. It was still playable until the point in the 6th dungeon's teleport where stepping in the teleport crashes the game every time I tried.

Could someone explain what is the difference between the "new" and "new+" game?


I can, the maps are mixed up and the Enemies are twice as tough in the New+ game

What do you mean by mixed upThey are simply different or maybe randomly different?


they`re flipped

I cannot find the key for the second consecutive sector C door when playing the second dungeon. Could someone help?

О, I found the button between the two doors.


if you get stuck again take a look at the maps via the map editor!

Well, I stuck again in the medical bay, but how to load the map editor? I'm playing the game via the WinUAE by directly booting from the floppy disk. Do I need to install AmigaOS and AMOS BASIC to run it from the source?

I have installed AMOS for Windows which is bundled with WinUAE and I tried to run the editor from its source but it was telling me "Please insert volume "Dh2" in any drive". I don't know where to find "Dh2" to proceed.

Many thanks for supporting the Amiga with this brilliant creation.

The graphics are excellent, and I think a really nice touch is that the enemies move (jitter) around on the spot. I know it's only a simple effect, but it really brings them to life and yet is in keeping with the graphics style.

I also love the animated intro. Very nicely done indeed!

When installing the game I mounted the images on my A1200 50mhz 30 with Go ADF. It was amazing to watch the installation process. Each disk was installed almost instantly!

If you produce a follow-up can I suggest some walking sounds? I think it would really add to the game.

Right, I'm off to play this some more. I bought this in the week and haven't had much chance to give this a good play.

No doubt I'll have some more feedback once I've had chance to get stuck in.

Thanks again for supporting the Amiga.


Thanks Dude, hope you enjoy it! And the expansion coming out next month lol

thanks for the great feedback! Sound was unfortunaty the one thing we ran out of memory on. Out new Black Dawn game using a new engine for A1200 has double the memory so hopefully well have enough left over to improve the sound!

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Hi there, happy to see some new game developed for the good old Amiga. So I bought it on here for a bit of support. ;)

I just have a small problem, the game won't boot. The intro works fine but as soon as I try to boot the game, it's blackscreen for me. System is an Amiga 500 with 1mb chip and 64mb of fast ram with a 68030 (with MMU) running at 50 Mhz, Kickstart 3.1.

Tried to run it from HD and my Gotek drive, both times the same result, I have yet to try to copy it on a floppy disk and try it from there, but I guess the result would be the same.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a complaint (my hardware is a bit non standard, I know ;) ) just wanted to let you know and ask if you probably already heard of this problem.  I will just try it on UAE until i can figure out what the problem could be.

its the lack of chip ram Im afraid, it requires slightly more than the 1meg chip which is why it wont generally run a a standard a500

Ah good to know, can't have everything. But no problem I have enough devices that can run UAE so I won't miss out :D

Thank you for your reply.

if its any consolation, it runs great in WinUAE (I coded it in there after all!)

Oh it's perfectly fine, this will be the first game to get installed on my Pi 400 when it arrives this week. 

The weekend can't come soon enough as there is Dungeon Crawling to be done ;)

Purchased to support your effort ! Nice to see that polished new games for Amiga today

thank you dude! Hope you enjoy it


I've already bought Black Down Rebirth. Are there any differences in the deluxe version? Or is it worth waiting for rogue more?


unless your interested in the map editor or source code, no!


thank you for the information

I checked this for differences vs the version I bought from DSG and can't see any differences in filesize / dates.  Is there a file where it specifically describes the differences between the DSG version and the one you made available through the platform, please?  I was happy to support you but now I feel like I bought the sourcecode for 5 GBP and was curious to see what else I got for that support.


Hi Phantom, aside from the latest round of bug fixes, the only additional additions are the map editor and source codes. The main purpose of it being released on Itch.io was to get it to people cheaper who hadnt already got it and to make sure that as many people have access for when the Black Dawn Rogue expansion disk is out


Hi, I purchased your game on Double Sided Games at release. Will the game be updated there too?

Same for me :-)


Ill send over the bug fixes to Double Sided Games so he can update it from there but the Extra stuff wont be available from Double Sided games

Hi, are you the game's author? I tried to get in touch with you on Twitter some time back to report a crash bug I'd encountered, is there a better way to get such things to you? Thanks for your help!

Hi Yes, i am the games author

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Sorry, probably seemed a dumb question with this being on itch.io, but I was bounced around a bit when I last tried to give feedback so wanted to confirm this wasn't an indirect sales account that would never get back to you.

I would like a way to send you reports, e.g. with save states, videos of the issue, etc. - do you have somewhere other than on here for that? I love the game, but it has a reproducible crash bug right now that I'd like to help you address, if it's not already known?

EDIT: also this crashes outright on startup on my Amiga 3000, I'd have to confirm whether it's only from the HD or also floppy boot, but either way I'd love to help you get it working 100% on that machine too.

EDIT2: Is this using AGA's 64 colour mode or EHB? It doesn't say on the requirements (here or on DSG's site), so I hadn't actually considered this. If AGA, then forget what I said about the A3000 - though updating the requirements might be a good idea!


64 colours - no its not aga, its too 32 colour screens so should work fine on your a3000 as long as it has the relevant chip memory. Feel free to send over your bugs